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Soulshaker: Blog

Soulshaker Blog # 2. Mark Campbell , guitarist , singer , persistent one

Posted on March 6, 2010 with 0 comments

Two Thousand Seventeen reasons to stay focused , make new inroads in the art that has been nothing but love for me , all my life . Happy New Year .

We are recording and releasing the next album as online download singles until it's finished , when we release it as a physical CD at .

Thanks for visiting this relic of a page . Here is a little about the re-launching of Soulshaker .

Our Bassist of choice is Mr. Selton Cole jr. from Memphis , Tennessee .

Mark Salmon , the Drummer . From New Orleans originally , but we went to Highschool in Houston .(note by MC)

I'm Mark Campbell , I play the Guitar , and sometimes I sing almost every song when they need me to .

Come see us or we will ask again .