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Soulshaker: Links to Friends

Community Proactivity - Real Overpopulation numbers 2011
Awareness of the number One problem causing and compounding all of the other World Problems . Think about it , concerning oil related conflicts , how could they be problematic if there were no excessively large numbers of people on the planet ? This is no trifle : as warning to all Human life . Quote of the past century : "Human beings have been cut off from their roots since time immemorial . It creates a habit of separatism , restarting over and over until brother recognises brother no more ; religions step in to deepen the rift , and mistakenly backed by an imagined 'godly' agenda , brother sets against brother in holy wars that are disguised as humanitarian efforts and missions of freedom . Who's right and who's wrong ? Noone near here - since it is a case of the blind fighting the blind . social activities and practices of the "catholic" organizations are detrimental and even dangerous for the community as a whole, here and everywhere. I mention here only the fight against birth control at a time when overpopulation in various countries has become a serious threat to the health of people and a grave obstacle to any attempt to organize peace on this planet." [Albert Einstein -- letter, 1954
The Circle for Humanity
A group of concerned world citizens who have written letters to many state and government groups around the world concerning the topic of Overpopulation . At a time when the earth is being overwhelmed by it;s growing masses , the majority of people are suspiciously ignorant as tumbleweeds about the subject . Soon enough , the idea will appear on some news program , when it's far too late , and still most will be unaware , as usual . So the effort enhances to supply the dire need for commnication on this important topic .
Click once to feed shelter animals
ust one click is all it took . 6 bowls for each click . Do this daily and help nature's creatures , as well as our best friends .
Sobrepopulation video - Overpopulation ( Spanish)
Population Media PSA
Public Srvice Announcement concerning Overpopulation , for the fisrt time in history . people generally don't take things seriously ...until they appear on t.v. At 32 seconds , take time to educate yourself on your future survival .
FIGU article : Population-time-bomb
From the free Community of Interests , Switzerland . These easy to read bullet points may not be so easy to swallow . It is a forecast for the future ; which we are currently living .
Petition For A Worldwide Controlled Birth Stop
A worldwide birthstop only means that the planet , and ourselves , can have a chance to recover from the corrosive effects of massive overpopulation . It is an agreement to control the growth which is absolutely out of control .
F.I.G.U. : Billy Meier and the Free Community of Interests
The best place on the net to learn about a great variety of topics , Spirituality , Science , History , Existent Life in the Universe . Surprisingly relevant . The silent revolution of truth . Not a music site .
The Earth Charter
The Earth Charter , written with contributions by many of the world's top thinkers ( not politicans) is poised to influence our volatile planet into a sustainable one , but requires our understanding and evolution .
On YouTube : Overpopulation Video
Comprehensive by FIGU friend , Jose Barretto Silva of Brazil . Please attend to your planet , this is no cliche' , this are no vain words .
Al Gore's Movie : An Inconvenient Truth ( Global Warming)
Fromer Vice President Al Gore inspires Americans to take the future in our own hands . After seeing the film , I have renewed hope .
Future of Mankind
A very well updated website dedicated to the cntact notes and writing of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier . Resource for the survival of terrestial mankind.
Youth sets officials straight on the state of the world - a must see .
This young lady tells it like it is . Governments should listen to those without agendas . It's very simple ; reverse the effects of greed and corporate interests , as well as keep all governments honest and responsible .
Proacive about Parkinson's disease .
Michael is the frontrunner in the effort to cure this debilitating disease .
Be Fire Smart
This site was suggested by actress Marcia Gay Hardin . Just a little effort and attention to detail can save lives .
Fur is Dead
The wearing of fur is unnecessary , "unless of course it's for your girlfriend" ; who needs to visit this website , so she can break up with you for paying into this kind of cruelty .
One Foundation
Jet Li had a great idea to help the global family as one . Not region , religion or race specific , but humans for humans . Mr. Li says one dollar per month can do much .
Build a School for a Dollar : Jackie Chan's project
Superstar Actor Jackie Chan has a worthwhile project , to build a school for underpriveledged children .
Austin Alliance for Austin Musicians
State of Texas program to provide health care for musicians in Austin . Thank you Texas Music Office .
They Fly - Michael Horn's examination of the Billy Meier case . Proof only !
This is for people who want to know the facts . Forget beliefs when you are up against Science and CSI type forensics , for analysis of the Plejaren / Pleiadian Contacts , which are absolutely real .
Operation Smile
Help a child to have a chance at a normal life by sponsoring facial reconstructive surgery .
My Service Dog
Located in Conroe , Texas , this small organization fills a need in the day to day living challenges of people in the Houston area who need trained Service and Hearing dogs . Donations welcomed .
The Animal Rescue Site
Click on "Fund to Feed Animals" , and 6 animals get free food for the day . Thanks .
Piracetam - the unkown memory medication
Piracetam has been used in Europe for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients . Virtually unknown in the USA .
Sit and Get Fit
Excersize for the parents of baby boomers . There is no need to feel that they cannot improve their health because of physical limitations . Non -Impact practices and function promoting movements smply change lives . learn more now . Michael teaches in the Los Angeles area , and has DVD's and Videos to assist anyone in the world .
You Tube : Youth sets delegates straight on the world at large .
This Young Lady has a strong view on the world situation and gets right to the point of it . Now go do what she says and go to your room . An absolute must see, and I never say that . The speach that she gives is a needed service to humankind .