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Soulshaker: Links to Friends

Fellow Indie Artists

Meagan Tubb
Meagan's a songwriter with exceptional resources . Interesting chord structures , dual lead guitar lines , and she's just getting started . You'll remember her voice once youve heard it , really recognizable .
Selia Qynn
Houston's elegant songstress . 'Stella Quest' at her best .
John Peyton
Star of the oxygen based intrument , Olympic performances . Listen to his solo on our very own " Coffee Driven Thing " , right here on this website .
Chris Jagger's " Atcha !"
Blues and Zydeco with a slice of England . The new 2006 release " Act of Faith" can be heard in spectacular MP3 audio !
Bekah Kelso
She who sings and songs . Discovered and nurtured by good friends Dreamtrybe . Talent , Beauty and a certain "je ne se qua" .
Steven Segal
Steven Segal is a Blues guitarist who's music packs a punch . Delivered with true strength and integrity with his 2005 CD release 'Mojo Preist' .
Lise Liddell
One of the most prolific writers I've known . She has the kind of tenacity in the art that can't fail but to prove her sincerity and dedication to the art , for art's sake .
Amy Jo Johnson
Singer , songwriter , actress . I've never met her , but I saw her in a movie . I liked her character , she walked with grace . Keep an eye out for her , she's hard to miss on the silver screen .
Two Old Souls - Original music in Houston
Rick Andrews and Pat Mikulin have been writing and recording together for many years . Always dedicated to the muse . Sadly , Rick has left us in September 2008 , and this site will no doubt be a tribute to him . Rest Easy , old friend . " A million soldiers pass this way but the dream goes on forever " ( T. Rundgren )
Taalam Acey _ Hip Hop Prose artist with relevant social commentary , clear and perfect perspective of the neocons .
I just discovered this artist and had to share this particular video clip called " True Lies " . A must see for like minded people .