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Soulshaker: Links to Friends


KLBJ Austin's Rock
Loris Lowe has a great Austin Music show - Local Licks : Tuesday nights at 10:30 pm till Midnight . 93.7 on the dial whenever your'e in Texas Hill Country .
KGSR-HD2 .... 107.1-2 FM
Original Local Austin Artists .. all the time . High Definition Radio . It's new , and you need a new radio or adapter to get it .
KDRP FM Dripping Springs
On Saturday September 17th , we will be a the focus of a Live Video feature streaming from their website . 7 to 10 pm .
Jagger Peyton Radio Group
Chris Jagger and John Peyton . Yes , he's David Peyton's brother .
Blueseum Radio Show on KLBJFM Austin
Hosted by John Peyton and Chris Jagger . Successful syndication , authentic connection to the blues world and the blessings of many top artists worldwide . Thursday nights at 11 pm to midnight .
The Michael Horn Show
Michael's new show brings the Billy Meier UFO Contact Case to focus in a new internet radio format . Check back for updates and new informaton often.