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Soulshaker: Links to Friends

Recording Studios

Boilerroom Studios
Producer David Dickinson ( engineer) learned his craft under the guidance of Lone Wolf Production's Bill Hamm and Z.Z. Top . By now his producer credits and extensive client list are an enviable accomplishment , backed by a solid understanding of music publishing and artist promotion . One of the most affable and friendly , upbeat personalities in the business , his enthusiasm and uxhuberance really keeps the energy level high . "Keridwena" and " Everybody's got a Game" were recorded there , as well as " Merlin's Lament" and " Lifetime after Lifetime " ( Mark Campbell ) The studio of choice for Soulshaker ; Austin , Texas , y'all . The music for the movie 'Star Wars' was mixed on his Neve board . It''s got a unique sound that is featured on our next CD .
AltaVista Recording
One of the Austin studios that Soulshaker prefers . Tom Johnson , chief engineer .South Austin .