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Soulshaker: Links to Friends

Classic Rock links

Greg Ridley : Humble Pie , Spooky Tooth - Bassist / Vocalist
Greg had this huge gruff scottish brouge when he sang , and it was just enormous sounding . Bass playing at it's soul music loving finest . He was a true afficiaonado of American soul , and you can hear it in everything he played .
Billy Thorpe was a great inspiration to me all the way in Texas . I just found out that he had passed on in 2008 . I will write more about him ; one of favorite recording artists , very soon .
Jeff Healey
Once in a great while i discover an artist who redefines the guitar for me . Jeff is probably going to be the one that noone can top . So original and honest , a man who's tough struggles were a secret to most . He never comlpained , but he did inspire alot of musicians like myself . 'Angel Eyes' remains as a mainstay of my solo act . He passed from this life in 2008 . He will be dearly missed .( comment : mark campbell )
Simon Kirke Official MySpace Site
Bad Company and Free's co-founding drummer is also a great singer /songwriter who wrote many of those hits . Still at it , sounding great .
Whitesnake - Good to be Bad
David Coverdale is one of my top five singers , of which there are ten . An original artist who has enjoyed rave reviews as well as criticism ; nice work if you can get it . The band is back with a new live CD " Standing in the Shadow of the Blues " and due in May 2008 , and new studio release "Good to be Bad" . Back with a wicked grin and a wild dog howl .
ZZ Top
Our earliest influences came from our own neighborhood of Houston Texas . Mark Salmon ( drums) and I ( Mark Campbell , guitar ) drove past their office listening to "Just got Paid " and the rest of Rio Grande Mud in his Camaro . Before that , I thought all bands like this lived far away . We were teenagers then , and in some ways , maybe we still are . Aw Shucks .
Gregg Allman
Gregg is still alive and well , playing the blues and rocking out with heart and soul .
Dan Reed
This website and the new record "Coming up for Air" is a way of showing my appreciation for all those who dare to not only dream, but to also follow those dreams up the mountain! I am honored to have you here. Comment : Dan Reed
Creedence Revisited
The original bandmembers Stu Cook and Doug Clifford in their own version of the band . Our hats are off to these guys !
Dean Scott Show Online
Dean Scott , entertainer deluxe , was the first profeesional musician that ever invited me on stage to jam with my guitar . My band at the time , J.C. Rock , which was myself and the Callaway brothers , James and John , coaxed me into sneaking into the Village Inn Pizza restaurant and Club on Westheimer in Houston in 1972 . We were underaged and , it gave me the confidence at that juncture to follow my dream on stage and airwaves . His band played " I'm Going Down " at my request , and the rest is a blur . Anyway , thanks , Dean . You were always on the Johnny Carson Show and then got to meet you . A real star .
B.J. Thomas
B.J. Thomas has a new CD October 5th 2007 , called Love to Burn . My favorite singer ( comment MC)
Led Zeppelin - Official site
What can we say about Led Zeppelin that you don't already know ? You can't say that the music is old , because that sounds rediculous ; considering that it sounds more modern and relevant than alot of modern rock music today , IMHO.
The Jones Gang
Kenny Jones , John Hart , Rick Wills , all veterans of the British and world rock scene , have a new CD , " Any Day Now" , which echoes the very best of Classic Rock greats , because they ARE classic rock greats . One fine album. Members of The Who , Faces , Small faces , Frampton , Foreigner , Bad Company . Guest players include Ronnie Wood , Ian MacLagan and many others .
Jethro Tull
The Minstrel in the Gallery is still Old enough to Rock and Roll and too young to ........ not be rocking . Ian Anderson and Martin Barre , original members carry the torch ; still a potent creative force . A new Live CD and DVD in 2007 , Live at Montreaux .
Atlantis with Inga Rumpf on YouTube
Atlantis ( Germany) was one of those lucky import finds for me . I never thought I would be able to watch video from their 1983 reunion gig at the Hamburg Fabrik .
Inga Rumpf : Atlantis , Frumpy , Rockship .
Inga Rumpf is one of my all time favorite singers . Her bands Atlantis and Frumpy were the 13 hour addition to my music knowledge base that I always treasured . In the 70's she was rock , funk , jazz , soul, blues fusion ; prog rock . She's still going on strong in Berlin , currently on tour with B.B. King .
Sass Jordan
Candian rock chanteuse ...... she's current with a classic rock sound . Soulful vocals , but the new CD ( 2006) is more acoustic , she calls it " experimental bluegrass" .
Tom Jones
From Wales he came in the 1960's , and still rocking today in Vegas and beyond . The voice , truly one of a kind . The Man !
Deep Purple
Not a Classic Rock band ! They are active and current with their 2005 CD release " Rapture of the Deep" . Younger bands are going to have to think of something quick .... DP's back ( and never been away ) . Also see
Ian Gillan - The Voice of Deep Purple
Mr. Gillan's voice is recognizable on most DeepPurple albums , his own solo releases as Gillan , Ian Gillan Band , Garth Rockett and the Moonshiners , Episode Six , The Javelins , as well as the original "J " in J.C. Superstar . His latest solo release can be seen and heard on . His latest Deep Purple release from 2005 ," Rapture of the Deep" can be read about at
Roger Glover - Bassist of Deep Purple , Producer of many
Roger Glover is one of the three remaining original members of Deep Purple , Bassist of exceptional and exceeding talent and worth , producer of countless recording artists among which many are counted , and a painter as well , which I didn't know until I bought " Rapture of the Deep " Deep Purple's 2005 release . His art style is varied and inspired , another fascinating facet of this living rock legend .
Steve Morse - Guitarist Extraordinaire
The Southern Steel Guitarist of Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple has a great website with plenty of interesting features . Check out the new Deep Purple featuring Steve's innovative guitar writing and arrangements . In my opinion the new is as good or better .
Peter Frampton
The Classic Guitarist and Vocalist of Humble Pie has a new CD : "Fingerprints " , not to be mistaken for "fingertips". All instrumental . His last CD , " Now " from 2003 , is an exceptional work . It's one of my "favrite recrds".
Neil Young
Neil has a new CD . Themed as a war protest album , but much more . Upon listening to the lyrics , this collection proves to be one of the most well thought , cohesive albums of all time .
John Kay and Steppenwolf : Still going strong on that Magic Carpet Ride . One of the best Rock and Roll bands of all time .
Paul Rodgers
Bad Company's vocalist . Free's singer . The Law's shouter . The Firm's crooner . Queen's new frontman . And now I submit my wish : Mr. Rodgers , please sit in with us for a song or two ? Front our band ?
Humble Pie
The most complete and dedicated website in tribute to one of the greatest rock bands in history . Keeping the memory of Marriott and Ridley alive . Jerry Shirley and Greg released a brand new HP CD in 2003 called Back on Track , featuring Bob Tench and Jones Gang / Bad Company / Foghat Guitarist Dave Buckett Colwell .
Jo Jo Gunne
The original piano driven 70's rock band who evolved from California's hitmaker 'Spirit ' . Theyr'e back with a strong reunion CD . One of our big influences .
Ian McLagan and the Bump Band
The original Small Faces / Faces keyboard player , lifetime honorary member of the Rolling Stones . Now resides in the Austin , Texas area
Glenn Hughes
From Trapeze to Deep Purple , Hughes/Thrall and his many solo albums , the most productive artist on the planet . he has a new CD every year , and sometimes ..... more than that . We are the music and he's just the band ; at least that's what the man says . First Nuclear Kitchen is the neame of the latest release in 2008 .
Bekka Bramlett
Lead Vocalist for Fleetwood Mac ( mid - 1990's) and the Zoo . She's the greatest thing since sugar . Designed and maintained by Lisa Marvin ( Bubco Design ) . Recently with the Sam Moore show .
Allright Now -
Lucy Piller's Bad Company - Free - Paul Rodgers Fan Site