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Soulshaker: Links to Friends

Friends and Allies

Selia Qynn's Greeting Card line
Selia Qynn , Houston songstress , has a greeting card line that is themed with ducks , birds and geese , mostly photgraphed by her at her own bird Habitat , a nationally recognized sanctuary .
Soul to Soul - contemporary sketches by Susie Kleiner
I met Susie on the net from her sketches of Steve Marriott ( Small Faces , Humble Pie ). Really spot on renderings of his personality . The title refers to his comment after findng that Robert Plant had done his version of a Muddy Waters song . - Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers used to own CD Baby ( online CD distributor , which we are on ) , sold it to pursue his own extrordinary path of giving to the world at large . His insights and knowledge prove to be invaluable to music artists of any age or experience . A Zen thinker by nature , give him a comb and a pack of matches and he'll build an entertainment complex out of it ; so to speak . The kind of person that digs out a river for everyone , and will just ride on it too .
Pazuzu Engineering
My brother Hardy and I are sons of an engineer . He took the mantle and now acts as consultant to the world of oil exploration , and much more . With experience in nuclear , offshore , and the American welding society , his company is your best ally in efficiency and inside knowledge in the field .
Billy for Kids ( The Billy Meier story)
This site is absolutely fantastic . I heard about it's cnception and was a reality very quickly , You see , in several hundred years , this information will be well known , and it's core knowledge part of every curriculum .
Taxi -
TAXI’s Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips, music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.
Go Pro Music - Musician's Union
The Musicians Union has it's own member database of available artists .
I - Tunes
Apple computers , not Apple Records ( damn !!) sell our music digitally downloadably .Our 2004 CD Straight Ahead Human is on offer , so go ahead and feel comfortable about secure online shopping . The latest in Soulshaker technology and Swiss mountain legend .
Crosley Electronics
The Crosley Vinyl to CD Recorder is the newest and best tool in the classic rock revolution . By taking old LPs and converting them to CD , now we have more access to the music as it was , and not just the few reissues that the record companies release with uneasiness in regard to their profit recovery . Also converts Cassesttes . In short , classic rock music is alot more than just the few hits that are represented by radio . Young people today don't know about Humble Pie and Trapeze ? they were at the very top of the business ! They were some of the best bands , but politics kills things . Or didn't you notice ?
Rocketsagogo - Ruby Rocket , Model
Ruby Rocket is an Austin Texas model that I have not met , but she impressed me with her willfull portrayals of comic superheroes , which she is a huge fan of . A stunning woman whose star shines in the eyes of many .
Jackie Chan - Martial Arts Superstar and Actor
Jackie is an incredible performer who wows his audiences with acrobatic stunts and martial arts prowess , which he honed at the Hong Kong Drama Academy as a child .
Hostbaby ( a division of CD Baby)
This website is a Hostbaby site . I recommend highly , because they have everything that you need to get on with your music life and no need to hire a web designer , ulness you want to amaze us all ; you can do that too . Economical , and what else ? Many templates to choose from , which you do with one click , no trouble , and it keeps all your information perfectly .
Studio Buddy
Taxi , the A&R service , provides useful studio tips and resources for songwriters , free of charge .
Singer- Songwriter Directory