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Soulshaker: News / Aktuelles

Sympathy and love for our good friend Selton Cole - January 6, 2009

Selton lost his mother , Marie , right after Christmas . Our hearts go out to his family in their time of sorrow as well .
The same experience for me this year has taught me much . We are both lucky to have been loved like that ; all the way to our maturity . Some aren't so lucky .
Goodnight .


Love , gratitude and fond memories of Mariela and Hardy - August 21, 2008

Mariela Cepeda Campbell , my mother , has left us after 15 months of dialysis and other complications . She was such a cheerful person and her presence will always be felt by us . Thanks to our friends for their compassionate kindness . My sorrow is only eclipsed by my great sense of luck that my brother and I were born to her .

Soon after , my father , Hardy also passed . A great man who always thought of everyone else first . His humor and intelligence was recognized by many friends the world over. He spoke spanish with natural ease , a true man of the world .
My Pa .

With Love , Mark Campbell

CCR Salute . Ten demo songs added . Short clips . - April 30, 2008

Our Creedence Clearwater Revival Salute is ready for listening . Enjoy . Get those crawfish ready . Mark Salmon on Drums , Selton Cole , Bass , Mark Campbell guitar and vocals ..

Message to Danny Ray Peter Case contacted me looking for you ... - March 6, 2008

Peter Case emailed me , and he asked for you . I don't know what happened to you , so if your'e surfing the web , surf over here .

Mark Campbell

Soulshaker featured on the Blueseum of Fine Art on Austin's Rock KLBJ FM . - November 14, 2007

Thursday night 'Rainy Nights' is featured , from the 2004 CD release Straight Ahead Human . The new CD will be f eatured soon .

New Original Music for two new CD's - October 20, 2007

Three songs have just been completed for the next Soulshaker release as well as the next Mark Campbell solo biscuit , which strangely enough features the members of Soulshaker ........ which mught cause me to name the CD " Soulshaker is Alive and Well " ..... just a thought .

New Zeppelin and Trapeze cover demos in surreal MP3 audio - October 3, 2007

New Led Zeppelin covers : What is and what should never be , and Whole Lotta Love . New Trapeze : Way back to the bone .
For your listening pressure .

Mark Campbell posts a second letter to the Highway Star about Deep Purple's Steve Morse Era music . - September 7, 2007

New cover demos added : Brown eyed Girl and You are the Music , we're just the Band ( originally by Trapeze) - July 26, 2007

Mark Salmon , Selton Cole and Mark Campbell went into the studio with Steven Degenarro engineering , and came up with these two , another Trapeze and and two more by Led Zeppelin . Come back by September 25th to hear the rest .

First Digital Sales - July 10, 2007

We are enjoying the beginning of our digital sales . Thanks to CD Baby for getting us started . Most of the major outlets carry Straight Ahead Human , Itunes being one of them .

All the best to you in 2007 from Soulshaker . - January 1, 2007

Have a great year . Do things differently this year if you want different results . Forgive anyone who's put you down or hurt your pride ( because Don Henley said so ) . Don't be a whiny complainer , because when people call you that , you'll just complain some more . You can't start a fire ( metaphor) worrying about your little world falling apart ( according to Bruce Springsteen) .Learn something new every day , or at least once a decade . Get things in writing , because it's better than memory . And lastly but not leastly ; treat the other guy as if he was the you guy , because he is you ( to somebody) .

Lo-Fi Section added for regular decaffeinated bandwidth surfers. - November 17, 2006

Lo-Fi Section added for you 'slow bandwidth' surfers.
I don't know yet if it's Real Audio compatible . I must confer with a teenager who might know .

Added to MP3 section : Clips of the entire 1989 release " Soulshaker" . - September 24, 2006

It took me awhile to locate the disc that I had burned from the DAT copy that I had frozen from the reel to reel 1/2 track masters of the sessions which was transferred from a tape that was about a foot wide , back when that was normal . Credit must be given to " Oh Hell !!" , which was yelled immediately before I eventually finally got it done - it's about time . Winesong Records from day one .

New Sessions from the fertile minds at Winesong Records - September 6, 2006

Three different projects , so stay with me while I try to categorically - alize them .

1. The band's new CD , which will be named .
2. The Mark Campbell human who insists on recording a solo record which features that band anyway 3. A mystery project that guarantees to create some type of thought in the listener . ~
We've recorded a song about a person who allows herself to be filmed saying things she doesn't really mean for lots of money .

Smoke on the Water : The passion of the flaregun - September 6, 2006

We had the pleasure of being involved in a competition at :
Smoke on the Water . They'll never put that one out .

"Mutual Destruction" from our 2004 CD release , Straight Ahead Human , is added to the guest music section on Neil Young's website : - July 29, 2006

Neil Young has invited us to present our war protest song ; "Mutual Destruction " ( number 738 or so on the list , I think ) from our 2004 release , Straight Ahead Human . Here is the link to hear nearly 1000 guest artist's songs featured on Neil Young's " Living with War Today" website .

42 sound clips so far in the MP3 section " Music of Soulshaker". - June 23, 2006

There's quite a bit here ; Samples of tracks from the next CD , the 2004 release , a Beatle Tribute , Classic Rock and Soul Covers , Blues Covers AND Blues Originals , Archive recording from releases last century , and solo Mark Campbell work . 42 tracks and counting .It's more or less more than that now , whenever it is .

Our song "Rainy Nights" added to Blueseum of Fine Art on KLBJ FM Austin's Rock Classic 93.7 FM - June 4, 2006

Thursday June 15th is the date that the song will be added to the show , from 11 pm to midnight . We are in the last half of the show , ( after 11:30 ) . The show's hosts , John Peyton and Chris Jagger . Yes , he is David Peyton's brother .

New : Beatle Tribute section in the Music Mp3s - May 9, 2006

We do tons of Beatles , if you weigh things , that is . In Miles , it would be ......a trip !

Guitarist Launch - May 9, 2006

Today , the day after yesterday , the new website domain opens as one of the newest and webbiest websites on the web this minute .

Mark Campbell ( guitarist-vocalist of Soulshaker ) has a new website ; Acoustic music . - February 16, 2006 is the URL . Click through here or the LINKS section . Started 2/15/06 .

Digital Distribution with various outlets in 2006 . - February 10, 2006

To download Soulshaker music for around 99 cents each , contact Apple itunes , Napster , or do a search for "Soulshaker : Straight Ahead Human "( the only CD available by us ) on any of the many digital distibutors that exist .
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