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Soulshaker: Visual History

Soulshaker : Club Rock and Roll '93
Soulshaker : Yucatan Liquor Stand , no longer standing - Photo : Allie Keaton
Soulshaker : Roy and Mark back in the Houston days - Photo : Allie Keaton
Mark Campbell / Roy Fletcher 1993 ,lead guitar duo . Photo: Carl Beghtol
Dave & Buster's 1993 , Houston
Mark Campbell with an antique phone that still works .

Soulshaker 1983

Various 80's

the 1970's

Star Guest Players

John Peyton ( harmonica) with Stevie Ray Vaughan
Chris Jagger and Jimmy Vaughan with JP in 2009
Joel Duhon - Session Drummer on Salome Sunrises , a 'must hear'.
Coy Fuller ( drums) and Mike Rieman ( bass ) tracking for next CD
Keith York , drummer ( who played on the 1997 CD )

Visual counterparts to our Songs

Logos and Artwork

The SOULSHAKER logo (c) 1978 Mark E. Campbell
Straight Ahead Human : CD Cover 2004 ( original art: M.C.)
Bumper Sticker 2004

Closer to the Heart : In Memory

Irreverently Irrelevant

This is what your cat does when you're not home
Sit , Stardog .

Show Posters

Saxon Pub in Austin , Texas
During SXSW 2012
Soulshaker. Debut performance @ The Saxon Pub.
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